Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Core Values and Beliefs


Reveals balance and harmony; a bond with nature is vital to Humanity


Connects us to our selves, other people and the Earth


Inspires and enhances our lives


Enriches community, which sustains the human spirit


Keeps our feet on the ground while we play and pursue our passions


Moves us out of our comfort zone and into the learning zone

Our Purpose

To inspire the individual through experiences which affirm the essential relationships Humanity discovers in Service and the Natural World

“I fully realized how much I appreciate the Deer Hill philosophy. The magic that is interwoven in Deer Hill’s curriculum is a subtle, sometimes overlooked nuance, but an unforgettably important one. I can’t describe the magic that is there, or give it a name, but it is some life-enriching magic.”    Erin, Pownal, ME