Deer Hill is one of a very select group of expedition programs accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). AEE is the same organization that accredits Outward Bound, the National Outdoor Leadership School, and other leaders in the industry of outdoor education.

From our AEE accreditation Site Visit report (2010):

aee“Strengths of the Organization: 

  • The overall quality, commitment and dedication of staff at all levels of the organization is exceptionally high.
  • Deer Hill is a “learning culture”, where feedback and honesty are valued, and a belief in high standards is evident at all levels.
  • Deer Hill places a high level of attention on the individual development of the student.
  • The service component at Deer Hill is truly exemplary, as is the organization’s reverence, appreciation and respect for Native American culture. Their service projects are compassionate and empowering.
  • The sense of community is very strong at the Deer Hill base. This translates to excellent role modeling for their students. The review team was impressed with such genuine, warm, caring individuals. Trust and communication level is high.
  • Location is a strength. Deer Hill has access to premier recreational and educational opportunities.”

What does our accreditation mean for you?

Founder and Director Doug Capelin: “The AEE’s skilled review team studied every element of our company. We chose a rigorous accreditation process because we wanted to strengthen our program. The accreditation means that there’s a lot more to Deer Hill than an alluring catalog. Behind the scenes are dedicated people with the skills, experience and desire to teach and empower young people. As the AEE discovered, this is a place of strong values rooted in community and service.”