What is Deer Hill?


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Connecting with Community

Deer Hill Expeditions provides an inspiring and powerful blend of wilderness expeditions and community service programs in the Southwest United States and Costa Rica. Deer Hill’s purpose is to enhance an individual’s appreciation of the natural world, teach the skills of living in the wilderness with minimum impact, promote stewardship of our Earth, and foster a tradition of service to our native lands and peoples.staffgallery_110

Now add 30 years of history. This is a place where the whole community is invested in your fun, learning, safety and growth. This is Deer Hill.

 Reaching the Summit



Rowing the Rapids

Deer Hill provides young people with life-changing outdoor adventures and community service opportunities with native peoples. Find out about our summer programs, custom group trips, and our Foundation, or read our blog for more fun stories.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. Growing close to the group, and experiencing the canyon, mountains and Navajo people were fantastic experiences.”- Callie, WL