What Parents Say

On the power of a Deer Hill program

Talking to families who have experienced Deer Hill is the perfect way to learn more, and to work out whether Deer Hill is right for your teenager. Please contact us if you wish to speak with a Deer Hill alumni family. We can provide references from a relevant program.

Here are some recent, unsolicited testimonials from parents:

“To all of you who make Deer Hill what it is, thank you! This program gave my daughter the chance to hit the reset button on her life… To share life with peers in a safe, yet challenging environment is an amazing experience. To learn about being able to trust oneself and others outside one’s family is powerful. To share meaningful life experiences in nature with others is the very best life has to offer. Thank you for your commitment to a high quality, meaningful experience.” Sofia, parent of Moriah, Stratham, NH

“Deer Hill Expeditions is exceptional! I know of no other program with such a balance of group experience, service and appreciation of amazing places. I appreciate your “role model” trip leaders, and your emphasis on safety, community service and connecting with the environment. Looking forward to Deer Hill in the summer keeps my kids going throughout the year!” Marybeth, parent of David and Mark, Palo Alto, CA

“It was a fantastic experience for Allison. She felt good about the community service, she felt very self-reliant, she made new friends, she came home more mature. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone. It was a top-notch experience and well worth every penny!” Lori, parent of Allison, Portland, OR

“There was not one thing our son did not like about the program. He just loved it. It really was life-changing for him. Thank you! Deer Hill is such an impressive place and we have never stepped foot there! You folks think of everything we parents and our children need to make the experience excellent. I know that much of that comes from years of experience but you do it with such love, grace and a confidence that makes parents at home feel good about sending our kids off. I cannot thank you ALL enough for all that you do, we are truly honored that Daniel has been able to be a part of this fabulous organization.” David and Marie, parents of Daniel, Indianapolis, IN

“Jake said it was the best experience of his life. He said your leaders were amazing, and he came back with profound insights into the culture of the Navajo people. With that came a greater appreciation of his own religious culture, and a greater respect for all people. He enjoyed the hard work, roofing, digging ditches, putting mud on houses. He enjoyed the rafting and outdoor experiences. He just loved every aspect of the trip. We can’t thank you enough, for what you have given Jake, and for what you have helped him give others. This is an experience that will profoundly affect him for the rest of his life.” Betsy and Richard, parents of Jake, New York, NY

“From what Julian and Tristan said about their leaders, they were incredible people. For the participants, they are the most important element of success. You choose wisely!” Bonnie, parent of Julian and Tristan, New York, NY

“We just wanted to extend our deepest thanks to all of you for what has, from our end, appeared to be a remarkable program. All of the communication from Deer Hill (both written and in person) has been extremely thorough, clear, helpful and, most importantly, kind and thoughtful. “Awesome” was the one word answer Josh gave to my question of “how was your trip?” when he called today, and that is all I needed to hear to know that it will likely be one of his transformative life experiences. We are really looking forward to hearing stories from Josh when we meet up with him tomorrow — and despite our eagerness, we will try to refrain from pushing it out of him. I remember, from my camp days, that feeling of independence and ownership that you’re a little reluctant to let slip out.  It’s a good feeling to relish and hold onto.” Lynn, parent of Josh, Freeport, ME

“I want to express my deep gratitude for all you have done for Lucy. She had a wonderful time on the trip, and I believe she was challenged at just the right level. I feel a real shift in her – a new maturity, and also a peace and stability. I felt really safe, knowing she was in such good hands. Thank you for going the extra mile.” Debbie, parent of Lucy, Loveland, CO

“Doug and Beverly, we cannot thank you all enough for such a incredible experience for Aaron this summer. He described it as amazing and awesome! The experiences he describes and the friendships he has formed will last him a lifetime. We can’t thank you enough for providing him these opportunities and the complete professionalism with which you run Deer Hill, never was there a moment of concern or uncertainty. Aaron is already talking about the Costa Rica trip for next summer. Thanks again, P.S. he said the leaders were great!” Ruth and Charles, parents of Aaron, Chappaqua, NY

Henri is now returned back home, his return trip went perfectly. But to some extent it seems he’s still with his group on the San Juan River or in the mountains. He’s had a great time and it’s been a terrific and unforgettable experience for him. He made very good friends from all over the USA and Mexico and even Venezuela! A million thanks to Abby, Jeff and Matt who have been wonderful leaders for the Group. Thank you very much to all the Deer Hill staff as well.”Chantal and Jean-Christophe, parents of Henri, Paris, France

“I just want to thank you all for the program full of opportunity that you all have there. Seeing the smile on Gregoer’s face in the group picture is worth millions. It is with relief and gratitude I am writing this heart filled thank you. You already know the role you play in the lives of children but let me remind you, when Gregoer is grown and out on his own, presenting and representing himself to the world, a part of his expression of self will have come directly from you. This journey with you all will become part of his rite of passage into young manhood.  Please let his leaders know that they too are so very important to the development of these young people. Your ‘work’ matters so much. I know you go beyond 40-hour week for the young people on these expeditions, for my son. I know you fed him and kept him safe but you also fed a part of him we cannot nourish or nurture. No words will convey my gracious and humble appreciation for the time you shared with Gregoer.” Sharon, parent of Gregoer, Greeley, CO