Summer Adventure Schedule 2014

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Summer Program Schedule 2014



Grades 7-8 (ages 13-14)

July 5 – July 25
21 Days
32 hrs
July 21 – August 4
15 Days
24 hrs

Grades 9-11 (ages 15-17)

June 26 – July 16
21 Days
40 hrs
June 30 – July 20
21 Days
32 hrs
July 6 – July 30
25 Days
40 hrs
July 7 – July 27
21 Days
20 hrs
June 29 – July 19
21 Days
40 hrs

Grades 10-12 (ages 16-18)

June 26 – July 21
26 Days
32 hrs
July 12 – August 2
22 Days
56 hrs

Age 25 and Up

Oct 5 – Oct 12
8 Days
Community Service

Choose Your Expedition

Once you select an expedition from the drop-down menu above, you can then choose to see a full program description with photographs, and a day-to-day itinerary. Consider your age, experience, the activities you desire, and the level of challenge you are looking for from an adventure summer camp.

Bear in mind that you must have some backcountry experience for Wilderness Leadership. Apart from this program, all our expeditions are suitable for anyone who is enthusiastic and reasonably fit. Your attitude is the most important thing you will pack.

Wilderness Leadership and Wildworks are courses for 10-12 graders that teach Deer Hill’s approach to leadership in depth. Choose these if you are eager to develop the skills and ethics of leadership that will be effective in school, sports, jobs, and any other group situation.

What kind of service suits you best? Most groups spend time working with a Native American tribe: Navajo, Hopi, or Zuni. Some groups work on a conservation project with the U.S. Forest Service. Wildworks offers both types of service.

We raise money through the Deer Hill Foundation, a 501(c)(3) to provide scholarships to make DHE accessible to all. To inquire about scholarship opportunities, please contact Laurie, Outreach Director, in the Deer Hill office.

Please note: tuition includes all meals, drinks and snacks, guiding, group gear and program activities. We provide a detailed packing list for personal gear (e.g. sleeping bag, hiking boots etc), most of which can be rented or purchased from our Outfitting Store. We require a $300 deposit from each summer participant to cover rentals, gear purchase, and other purchases during the program, the balance of which is refunded at the end of the summer.

“When I planned my summer I found myself glancing through the Deer Hill catalog, wishing I could participate. Deer Hill truly changed my life, and I would not be the person I am today without it. Each summer I attended I learned something new. It was a place where I could be who I really am. Deer Hill allowed me to make connections with strangers and build friendships that last much longer than three weeks. I say this because it truly happened. Those are just some of the reasons I kept coming back. Every time I return home from a summer at Deer Hill I always feel as if I have left a part of me behind. I want more, and do not know how to replace the overwhelming joy, challenges and simplicity of living in the backcountry. Thank you so much for having a Deer Hill. It is a magical place where it is truly possible to find yourself in the middle of nowhere”. Whitney, Boulder, CO

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