What Teachers Say


We are happy to provide references for you. Please contact our office and we will put you in touch with teachers who have brought their groups out to Deer Hill.

“Wow, wow, wow! This trip was marvelous. Your staff was amazing and nothing but professional (but also so in touch with our students and accessible). The scenery was even more magnificent than I expected – it will remain in my head forever. The whole trip and operation was simply amazing. I am quite confident that this was an experience that will remain as a highlight with the students throughout their time here at Colorado College and perhaps their lives.” Julie Tetley, Director of First-year and Sophomore Studies and Advising, Colorado CollegeNorway-Niels-Protrait2012

“For me the trip allowed me to observe my class from a distance. I didn’t have to always be “on”. The sweat was an incredible way to end an experience like this. The staff were well trained, thoughtful and anticipatory. They were well-versed in the canyon and the river and very interesting people. Caroline was in charge of the crew. She did it gracefully and beautifully. Cara had a great energy and a wonderful sense of humor. She interacted well with the students. Liz was strong, centered and was good with challenging students. Seth was strong, calm, always on task, and always thinking ahead.I would recommend Deer Hill to any group of young people. It was truly a wonderful experience.” Thomas Baudhuin, teacher, Santa Fe Waldorf School, NM

“Whenever I think about our trip, I just always think how perfect it all was. It all was beautiful, relaxing, inspiring. It was a gift I will always carry with me.” Linda Forrest, Santa Fe Waldorf School

“Our trip was great…. The staff was great. They had a way with the students that evoked respect from the kids. Each one seemed to love what they were doing and the students noticed this. They never complained and went about everything with joy, yet maintained firmness when necessary… The service part was excellent. The instructors really prepared the students well for what they would encounter, and therefore the students approached the Navajo people with openness and respect. The students felt that they accomplished something in all projects. They also really felt that they had experienced a different culture… because of the hospitality and friendliness of the host families, together with the help of the Deer Hill staff, they felt comfortable talking and playing with the Navajo children.” Marta Rackmales, Washington D.C. Waldorf School

“The Deer Hill people were all very helpful about everything, and coming on a trip like this without them, I would probably have never experienced the desert or the river the way I did. Also spending time with the Navajo, going into a sweat-lodge with them, being accepted by them the way we were was amazing. I will always remember the sweat lodge, the feel of rowing and going down the river, and the stars at night.” Olivia, student, Four Winds Waldorf School, CA

“Our experience was fantastic! Every student had fun and the diversity of the activities appealed to each student individually. I will remember how every student was, at some point during the trip, giddy with excitement and pure joy. Our guides really took the trip to the next level … they were both talented educators. I anticipate more meaningful experiences at Deer Hill in the future. Providing experiences such as this for kids is necessary and will change their lives. Thank you!” Bill McClain and Kelly Majuri, St. Georges Independent School, GA

“Deer Hill was amazing, the river was amazing, the guides were amazing. I’ll never forget this trip” John, student, St George’s School, Memphis, TN

“On behalf of my class, I wanted to say thank you all for everything last week. We all feel our class has taken away so many valuable lessons from our trip together. We told our stories and talked about our trip the whole week. Every single person now says they wish we were still there. We miss you all greatly and hope our class can keep in touch with all of you. We have all had a hard time adjusting back into life at home. Computers and TV are no longer as great as they used to be. Together we feel we have discovered more of what is really important in life. A couple people in the class admitted to on our first night home, sleeping on their floor in their sleeping bags. We hope to see you all again and we all miss all of you tons.” Marea, student, Marin Waldorf School

“How did the trip not expand and deepen our group’s educational experience? They learned so much about a part of the country that most of them knew nothing about. They learned about living in the wilderness, interacting with a different culture and a different generation. The service project was the most meaningful aspect of the trip. It was great to be able to interact with the Navajo on a real level. I think it helped all of us become aware of a group of people we may not have been aware of before.” Ann Petit, teacher, Vistamar School, CA

“The trip gave equal attention to servicing heart, head and hand. The students were challenged physically, engaged emotionally, and given time to reflect on their experience. Overall, the leaders made the experience. The program was beautifully organized, but it was the spirit of the exceptional leaders that created this life-changing experience.” Nancy Szymanski, Chicago Waldorf School

“The knowledge this gave me will be in my heart for the rest of my life. Building the fence for the Navajo family was the most meaningful aspect of the trip. To me that fence would never have been anything more than a fence, but after hearing what they had to say about the Veteran’s Park, and how special it was to so many people, that fence turned into a way of preserving that for many years to come. I feel we accomplished more than I had ever thought we could in two days. Although I’ve been with this class for eight years, I think this brought us so much closer. I loved it!” Quinn, student, Chicago Waldorf School