Group Programs

Custom-designed group programs featuring wilderness and service

Planning a school trip, alternative Spring Break, summer camp, community service program, or team-building exercise for a group of teens? Deer Hill is an expedition company with the staff, equipment, permits, and connections to design and lead a wilderness and/or service program suited to your specific interests and needs. We are not a tour operator who puts together a series of activities with various subcontractors. We work with you to incorporate your goals and objectives, creating a customized, memorable and meaningful program.

Experience the best of the American West

Deer Hill provides groups with in-depth encounters with the incredible landscapes and rich cultures of the American Southwest. Imagine you and your group exploring redrock canyons, paddling a whitewater river, climbing a snow-covered peak, collaborating with a native community on a project that is important to their traditional way of life, sharing a sweat lodge experience, or giving back to the land on a project with the U.S. Forest Service.

Adventure activities can include whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, canyon hiking, mountain biking, backpacking and rock climbing, and more. We match specific activities in specific environments with the skill levels and ages of your group members to assure challenging, yet achievable goals. Deer Hill is renowned for its meaningful service projects with communities in the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and Ute Nations. The cultural interaction that takes place during these service projects is an extraordinary learning opportunity that will broaden the hearts and minds of all participants.

Grow together as a group

Working together, within some of the most varied and beautiful environments in the world, individuals exceed their boundaries and take on a new sense of responsibility, while groups attain new levels of mutual support and effective communication. Our custom-designed experiential curriculums, our philosophy of “expedition behaviour”, and the special, reflective atmosphere we promote on our expeditions, ensures powerful growth opportunities for your group of teens or pre-teens.

Learn from inspirational leaders

Our field leaders are some of the most dedicated and skilled outdoor educators in the industry, with an intimate knowledge of our programming area. Our beautiful 128-acre Basecamp is a comfortable place to start and end your adventure, with a cosy dining facility, “green” meeting hall, cabins and hiking trails. Our legendary menus provide great nutrition and energy. For your convenience, the Deer Hill outfitting store rents or sells personal clothing and equipment for your expedition. We will take care of the details, so you can enjoy valuable time together and focus on your goals.

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