Foundation History and Mission

The Deer Hill Foundation was founded in 1998, with the belief that wilderness challenge and cross-cultural service are empowering and expansive when experienced in the context of a dynamic group and a spirit of cooperation. The original Board of Directors wanted a way to offer opportunities to students who might otherwise not be able to afford a Deer Hill program. In 11 years, we have made nearly 400 scholarships for diversity.

DHF deepens the mission of Deer Hill Expeditions by specifically pursuing three goals: 1) Provide scholarship grants for participation in summer programs  2) Support cross-cultural service projects in Native American communities on the Colorado Plateau, and 3) Provide leader/teacher training.

DHF’s mission is furthered by the abiding trust we have developed with families and communities in the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Ute lands. In friendship, we are welcomed into the homes and hearts of traditional native families. These unique cross-cultural projects provide an invaluable service for our hosts and nurture compassion and empowerment in each participant. So often, these projects are the most profound part of a Deer Hill program.

If you care about the work we do at Deer Hill, please consider donating to the Deer Hill Foundation. Your invaluable contribution will do much to support diversity in our programs, and to sustain our work in Native American Nations.