What our leaders said about Rahwa

Rahwa is a very strong and confident person. In the mountains she was a strong hiker, a great leader, and very supportive of others. Rahwa seemed to always be pushing herself physically and would never say that she couldn’t do something, which was a great example to the whole group. If she was struggling, she would push herself even harder and also try to motivate others at the same time. One of Rahwa’s best moments was interacting with our hosts and others in the community. Her self-confidence, warmth of personality, humor sensitivity and enthusiasm were all important in the service environment, and we know that the people she met will remember her fondly.

A letter from Rahwa

Hello, I am Rahwa, person who loves to experience new things. I am 17 years old and go to Shorecrest High School. I like to play a lot of sports and join clubs in my school. This summer I did something I never thought I would have the chance to experience. The trip I went to was Deer Hill Expeditions.  I was on the trip for 3 weeks, which sounds a long time. But once I started my trip the days went by so fast that I wanted to stay there longer and even thought about living there. On my trip I met a lot of great people I would like to see again. My highlight of the trip was working with the Hopi (Rhonda, Cheryl, Wilbur, and Brian). Each of these people gave me something important. Rhonda taught me how to never hold grudges against my parents, and that talking to them is the answer to our problems. My parents are everything to me, and without them I would not be in America getting a good education. Wilbur taught me how good it feels when somebody spends a little bit of their time to help another. While at Hopi, we found out about Wilbur, an old man who’s wife had passed away a few years ago and we were told he is very lonely. We decided to go eat our meals with him and talk to him whenever we can. When I got home at the end of the trip I had a letter waiting for me from Rhonda. It was about how she and her people in Arizona have been doing, asking me about my family. Finally she told me what Wilbur had said about our Deer Hill group. She quoted him, and this I will never forget. He said, “They have made my life longer and richer, and that is something money can’t buy.” I never  realized before that I can make a huge difference in someone’s life by doing such a simple thing.

I have learned on this trip that I am a kind person who is nice to others and makes friends easily.  I have also learned a lot about leadership on this course, especially in the mountains. I never considered myself a leader before. I didn’t think what I was doing was leadership – I was just being myself. Now if anyone asks who can lead a group I will speak up without hesitation.

Thank you so much for letting me have this experience. My family and I really appreciate what you guys have done for me and for other teenagers.