Genesis on the rock

What the leaders said about Genesis:

Genesis was truly a pleasure to have on our course. Her fun-loving spirit and energetic attitude was contagious throughout the group. Genesis excelled at many things. It was apparent from the first section, on the Green River, that she was ready to step up to any challenge. Genesis especially made the most of her time rock climbing – she had natural climbing ability and no fear whatsoever. She was nervous, however, for the mountain biking, as she had never ridden a bike off the pavement before, but within the first ride was zooming down the trails and loving it. Like any teenager, Genesis had her struggles during the course, but she was always a strong presence: open, positive, she spoke from the heart and listened with respect, which is all we ask. The course wouldn’t have been the same without her.

A letter from Genesis:

Thank you. Thank you for offering me this outstanding experience on a Deer Hill expedition. Thank you for a wild white water adventure down the Green River. Thank you for a bonding realization of the importance of  tradition and faith with the Hopi Indians. And again thank you for allowing me to discover my physical and athletic strength while biking and mountain climbing in Colorado. You see, these where all activities I took part in on my awesome trip with Deer Hill. And all the crucial things I learned including the new modified person I am, I owe to you.

I was thousands of miles away from sweet old home on the East Coast and now in Colorado, where I had no idea of what I had truly signed-up for. The first day I arrived I was a nervous wreck. And as soon as I timidly stepped out of the airport it was pouring rain and I was greeted by the most gigantic lighting bolts I had ever seen in my life. From that moment on I finally got the picture that this was going to be one of my first actual encounters with nature and the wilderness. When I finally got to base camp I met my teammates and we all instantly bonded.

All the activities where definitely way out of the ordinary for me and I made sure while I was learning I was also taking advantage of the moment as well. By the end of my trip I learned so many valuable things about how important time and life was. I learned not to be so repressive over things. How time was always going by, so it was crucial to use it wisely. And about living in the moment rather then lingering for what is coming.

Overall, I was leaving torn, because I was leaving a memorable place I had grew very fond of yet glad I was finally coming home to my family. So before leaving I made sure my family would be reunited with a more mature and aware individual. One that had a mind frame of no longer slacking and wasting time, who no longer was sweating the small stuff.. I was determined to continue staying active and living in the instant. No more staying at home on a weekend just on the couch watching television. Instead, I now take a nice walk in the park, go to the gym or ride my sister’s bike around. I also learned to appreciate the crucial things. Meaning not your computer or phone but mother nature and the parts of it that are quickly diminishing. It is truly when living hand in hand with nature in an intense experience that we come to discover who we really are and should be. It took me this intense trip in the wilderness to understand that the way I was living life was not really benefiting me. I discovered myself in places that I had never imagine I would be in, places I never envisioned myself being comfortable in.

You understand how difficult it is for individuals from the Bronx, who are captives of the rushed city life, to adjust to the back country. However, I know you also understand how important it is that we get to experience living in the wilderness and participating in activities that test our strength and leadership skills. And I am so very grateful for being part of that.