The Deer Hill Rally

Deer Hill alumni Brad Crescenzo (he was on the adventure summer camps RM 2000, and MEC 2001) is organizing an awesome driving “rally” across the Southwest in celebration of, and to raise funds for, the Deer Hill Foundation. Brad, who recently graduated from Colorado College, has been putting a ton of work into planning and publicizing the event, which takes place over Memorial Weekend. Participants will join a “convoy” of cars to drive through some stunning landscapes on their 383-mileĀ  journey across the Colorado Plateau, beginning in Mancos, Colorado – home of Deer Hill – and ending at Lake Powell. The scenery and the fun will be out of this world. And, it’s for a very good cause.

Participants in the rally make a donation, and all proceeds will go towards funding scholarships for deserving teenagers with limited financial means to attend Deer Hill Expeditions programs. If you cannot join in the rally itself, consider sponsoring one of the other teams. If you are considering taking part, thank you! Your contribution will make a huge difference to the lives of these Foundation scholarship recipients. We are so grateful to Brad for planning this event, and excited that he feels so passionate about Deer Hill nearly a decade on from his experience with us.

Click on the image below to find out all the details, and see some great images of the Southwest, at the Deer Hill Rally site.