Summer Search Application

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For more than 20 years, Deer Hill Expeditions (DHE) and Summer Search have worked together to provide life-changing adventures for Summer Search students from all over the country. We offer you a truly unique blend of challenging wilderness expeditions and cross-cultural service projects in Native American communities. We love what Summer Search students bring to our programs: courage, compassion, curiosity, and lots of personality. In return, we welcome each individual into our diverse community with open arms.

Before completing this application, we encourage you to look closely at our Open Enrollment trips and  The Soulquest Series: Custom Summer Search Programs to see which programs interest you.  Discuss your choices with your mentor. If you are interested in an all Summer Search programs click here. If you have more questions, please call Suzanne in the DHE office at 970.533.7492.

The Application Process 

This online application process contains a) the Application, b) Terms of Agreement, c) Essential Eligibility Criteria and d) Welcome Questionnaire (within the application). Whether you complete this application on your own, with your Summer Search mentor or at home with your parent or legal guardian (hereafter “parent”), if you are younger than 18 years of age, a parent must read and sign the Terms of Agreement for Summer Search Students and Essential Eligibility Criteria.  If this is not possible for them to do online, please print a copy, have them sign and return it to the Deer Hill office.

For the parent of a minor applicant, your electronic acceptance of the Terms of Agreement involves your acceptance of binding contract terms. The minor applicant is reviewing and signing as well – to reflect their understanding and agreement to various aspects of the Deer Hill experience.

We advise that you read the Terms of Agreement for Summer Search Students and EEC before completing the application process. Your application will not be processed until all pieces have been submitted.

Once we have received your complete application packet in our office, we will review it and contact you and/or your mentor if we require any further information. We will then send you an email letting you know which Deer Hill program you will be attending.  This email will also include your Program Information Packet (PIP).  If you receive your PIP, you have been accepted and you can plan on attending Deer Hill. If, after receiving all of your completed PIP forms, any questions or concerns arise, we will contact you and/or your mentor.

Please note: Once you begin filling out the application you cannot save it. It must be completely filled out and sent or you will lose the work.