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At Deer Hill we run a small number of thoughtfully planned in-depth group experiences. Because enrollment is limited to just 100 participants each year across all grade levels, we recommend that you make your application as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Before you fill out an application, we suggest that you email us or give us a call on  1-970-533-7492 and speak with Suzanne to check if there is space on your desired program. It can also be helpful to talk with someone in our office about your choices.

The Application Process

1. This online application process contains a) an application, b) a Terms of Agreement and c) Essential Eligibility Criteria. An adult applicant can complete this online application process. If applicant is a minor (those under 18 yrs. of age), applicant and his/her parent or legal guardian (hereafter “parent”) must complete this application process together.

Note to parents of minor applicants: You and your child will need to access this online system together, to complete the application and sign the Terms of Agreement and Essential Eligibility Criteria. Please assist your child in completing the application, as necessary.

At the end of the application process, the applicant and parent of a minor will be required to review, complete and accept the Terms of Agreement, and agree that they have read and understand Deer Hill’s Essential Eligibility Criteria (“EEC”). For the adult applicant or parent of a minor applicant, your electronic acceptance of the Terms of Agreement involves your acceptance of binding contract terms. The minor applicant is reviewing and signing as well – to reflect their understanding and agreement to various aspects of the Deer Hill experience.

2. We advise that you read our Terms of Agreement, and our EEC  (use right click to open in new windows), before completing the application process.

3. If you are applying for  Deer Hill Foundation aid, go to the following link for initiating the process and fill out the screening form. Financial Aid Screening Form.

4. You may then submit your $750 deposit on the telephone by Visa or Mastercard, or send a check to: Deer Hill Expeditions, PO Box 180, Mancos, CO 81328. $150 of this deposit is a non-refundable application processing fee. (Tuition balance is due May 1st, including a $300 refundable Outfitting Store deposit to cover gear rental or purchase. Balance must be paid by check or money order). There is also a brief, requisite Welcome Questionnaire that must be completed, by phone. We will not process your application until you have contacted us.

5. Once we have received your application and deposit, and completed the Welcome Questionnaire with the adult applicant or the parent of a minor, we will contact applicant’s references. Barring the need for further information, we will send you an e-mail confirming that these steps have been completed. This email will include a Program Information Packet (PIP) containing information and additional forms that must be completed before the program begins. (If you apply before the end of the year, you may not receive your Program Information Packet until the New Year). Final acceptance to the program is dependent upon review of all PIP forms.

Please note: Once you begin filling out the application you cannot save it. It must be completely filled out and sent or you will lose the work.

If you are applying for financial aid for a Deer Hill program, do not fill out this application. Go to the following link for initiating the process and fill out the screening form. Financial Aid Screening Form.

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