Why I would choose Southwest Journey

A post from Eli Shostak, Staff and Program Manager. One of the joyful challenges of living in Southwest Colorado is deciding what to do when the thirst for adventure arises. Looking east of our base camp here in Mancos, 13,000 foot peaks, knife edged ridges, alpine meadows and empty basins offer the clarity and inspiration

A Gluten-Free Summer Adventure?

Lasagna on the River

Delicious, freshly prepared lasagna on the river. One with regular pasta, one gluten-free. Parents sometimes inquire whether our programs are suitable for those on a gluten-free diet. The answer is a qualified yes. Although we can’t guarantee a completely gluten-free environment for the most severely afflicted celiac patients, we do provide gluten-free pastas and bread

We’re Reading: Laughing Boy


Oliver LaFarge, a non-native anthropologist from the East Coast, pursued an interest in native cultures through his years at Harvard and in his post-graduate field work. He eventually became president of the National Association on Indian Affairs thanks to his efforts to raise awareness of these changing cultures. LaFarge possessed a realistic and unsentimental, yet

DH Staff to Ski the Sacred Headwaters

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  The Sacred Headwaters In March, Deer Hill field staff member Trevor Cobb will undertake an expedition to the far northern reaches of British Columbia, in an expedition to raise awareness about the plight of the Sacred Headwaters, a million-acre wilderness under threat of development for energy and mineral extraction. Trevor joined Deer Hill last

Community Service Video Launched

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Video documents teen community service projects on the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Nations Shot this summer in remote locations across the Southwest, this video documents teen community service projects on the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni Nations. Resident videographer/editor George Knowles (of Goodie Pocket Films) and Outreach Director Richard Malcolm spent a month traveling to remote